Sustainable. Luxury. Snacks.

Sustainable Luxury Snacks

100% Grass-Fed. Pastured. Free-Range.



Purveyors of CHOICE Luxury SnacksTM


SJ is a brand new take on a simple snack food. We are not just another jerky company.


We are a wellness brand revolutionizing sustainable snacks supportive of local farmers & ranchers fueling active & healthy lifestyles and sophisticated tastes.


Responsibly handcrafted in Portland, Oregon.


Our first few products happen to be a line of revolutionary dried-meat snacks

that will change the way you think about jerky. Probably forever.


100% Grass-Fed. Pastured. Free-Range.


Refined for HER. Favored by HIM. Adapted to YOU.TM


We make Shurky Jurky from scratch using real fruit and without any refined sugars, additives, or preservatives.


A Revolutionary Sustainable Artisan Snack CompanyTM bringing back Classic Home Style, Rip Tear JerkyTM. Bridging health & taste, our gourmet jerky pairs perfectly with craft beers, fine wines & refined spirits like scotch & whiskey.


Preferred by people leading active, healthy lifestyles as a nutritional boost in pleasureful protein when needed most.


100% Guilt-Free!




Shurky Jurky is 100% Primal, Paleo, Gluten-free & Whole30 Compliant


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Membership Subscriptions

Monthly Beef Jerky Subscription

Monthly Subscription

From: $44.99 / month
(save 10%)

Annual Beef Jerky Subscription

Annual Subscription

From: $480 / year
(save 20%)

Sustainable LUXURY Snacks

Artisan Beef Jerky

Small Bag of Beef Jerky

From: $9.99

Artisan Pork Jerky

Small Bag of Pork Jerky

From: $9.99

Artisan Turkey Jerky

Small Bag of Turkey Jerky

From: $10.99

Artisan Bison Jerky

Small Bag of Bison Jerky

From: $14.99

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Shurky Jurky is a new kind of Sustainable Artisan Snack Company for individuals leading active & healthy lifestyles.

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We’re thrilled that some very Awesome Athletes have embraced SJ as their go-to protein choice. Your real food on the fly!

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